Our Values



It means that we do not make concessions in terms of ethical and professional standards. Integrity is related to honesty in all respects and respect and fairness in dealing with our employees, customers and suppliers.

It implies:

Treat all people in an open and fair manner in the same way we would like to be treated.

Manage with neatness the resources that the company puts at our disposal for the realization of our work

Manage internal and external relations to the company with total clarity and honesty


 It is about generating credibility in our own professional strengths based on our competences and respecting those of others. Also to ensure that we can make the right and reliable decisions in each of our actions, and maintain an interpersonal exchange that encourages fluid and sincere collaboration. This also applies to our interaction with our shareholders, customers, and suppliers and with the community.

It implies:

Being able to delegate with complete peace of mind because we know that the right thing will be done and always with the aim of adding value to our stakeholders, in the best benefit for the company.

Achieve true teamwork and take advantage of diversity to achieve shared goals

Do not promise the impossible and always fulfill what was promised and agreed.


It consists of the ability to face the big and small challenges of our work with the sense of urgency, courage, dedication and perseverance necessary to achieve the goals we have set ourselves.

It implies:

Have the ability to take reasonable and calculated risks to take advantage of business opportunities in both favorable and adverse environments.

Have initiative to take timely actions and go beyond what is expected if necessary.

Use our intelligence to act with humility and empathy, recognizing limits

Not be discouraged by fear of failure and having the ability to recover after any setback