Miami-based interior design firm

We are a Miami-based full service interior design firm  -  the culmination of the unique vision of Adriana Grauer and Alanna Kleiner. Originally founded in 2008, Agsia reflects the intersection of the duo’s background in architecture and interior design offering an all-encompassing style set apart by our function-driven design and distinctive use of color.

The team’s multicultural backgrounds with European origins and Latin American upbringing, influences their designs with a diverse aesthetic. Agsia’s designs are always inspired by architectural elements, taking cues from the natural surroundings, individualizing each space with color and details that create livable spaces driven by our client’s needs.

We work as a team and the collaborative process at Agsia is formed on the pillars of communication, trust, and approachability. With a boutique feel, we lead each project with a focused perspective, curating every element and taking inspiration from the materiality and use of each one. Our goal is to enhance the vision for our clients taking their designs and encapsulating a vibrancy and sophistication that is their own. We aspire to inspire through our team’s creative lens.

With an exceptionally skilled team of creatives, we bring the breadth of our experience and talents to every project leaving our playful yet elevated mark that sets us apart.

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meet Alanna Kleiner

Alanna brings a synergy and dynamic approach to the team. With a former corporate background her organizational mindset supports the firm's collaborative process. Alanna studied architecture in Venezuela and Israel before moving to New York to complete a Masters of Science in Architecture at the Pratt Institute. For Alanna, design is in the details and she never misses a moment to visually impact their interiors through an infusion of color and materials.

meet Adriana grauer

Adriana’s passion for architecture started in Venezuela where she began her studies.  She fell in love with the scale and pace of designing interiors during her time in  Milan at Politécnico di Milano. This experience changed her course from large scale architecture to focus on interior design which later led her to establish AGSIA. Adriana’s ability to see the conceptual unity of every project from the onset sets the tone for the holistic approach of their designs. Her unique spark and perspective ignites the firm’s vision.